About the Star Lake Protective Association (SLPA)

"The purpose of the Association is to promote the protection and improvement of Star Lake and the surrounding property and environment."

Our mission statement is quoted from Article 2 of the SLPA By-laws.  It describes the purpose and justifies the existence of the Association.  Over 100 years ago, our lake-dwelling forefathers recognized the need to keep a vigil on the lake and its shoreline properties.  They purchased a lake lot that encompassed the only outlet of the lake for the purpose of monitoring and regulating water level.  Although the original weir is no longer functional, the SLPA continues to own and pay taxes on the outlet property. 

The Association is non-regulatory and has no desire for legal authority.  We continue to monitor the lake's water quality and suggest usage conventions (such as counter-clockwise traffic) in order to promote safety and enjoyment of the lake by all (see Rules of the Lake).  We are a social organization.  We provide opportunities for members get to know each other both on the lake and at meetings and SLPA functions.  Meetings are held to address the needs and concerns of members and to plan activities and social events for the lake community. 

We are a non-profit organization.  We fund our activities from the collection of member dues (currently $20 per year) and by holding various fund-raising social events.  Browse the SLPA By-laws for more details about the organization itself.  If you are a member, you can also access the Archives in the Members' Area which contain historical meeting minutes.