A Little About the History of This Web Site...

At the August, 2005 meeting of the SLPA,Bo Ritchings asked if there was any interest in establishing an Association web site. If so, he would volunteer to begin the project over the winter months. During discussion that ensued, it was noted that:

A motion passed unanimously to authorize up to $200 for the purpose of starting and maintaining an SLPA website.  Bo agreed to make it a winter project, time permitting.  Thus began the journey that would get us where we are today, March 12, 2007, the day of the site launching.  Work progressed slowly throughout the winter. At the July, 2006 meeting, Bo reportedthat a site was created using Microsoft FrontPage 2003.  So far, we have :

Bo noted that he should not be solely responsible for all the content of the site; that volunteers could and should submit information. He suggested some topics that might interest members and asked for volunteers to work on those topics.  He said that this is a great opportunity for some older members to preserve forever, their "reflections" on Star Lake.  First-person narratives about "Star Lake when I first came here" would be great reading, as many of our senior members have a rich history with the lake. 

At the August, 2006 meeting, Bo reported that some new pages have been assembled and the web site is progressing nicely.  A "most recent minutes" page has been added, as has a page dealing with unwritten rules of the lake for newcomers.  He is shopping for a web host service that will meet our needs, be economical and offer additional services that might be useful to members, such as free e-mail accounts.  Bo again said that he would maintain the site; but would not be responsible for generating all the content for the site.  Help was again sought from volunteers to research and create content.  Suggested topics include:

Bo said he would hopefully have the site up some time this winter.

SLPA hosted by

The site continued to be refined and a web host was selected.  As of March, 2007, the site was ready to launch for the first time!  We are officially the owners of the domain name "SLPA.info".  After extensive shopping for and reading reviews of (it seemed like) hundreds of web hosting services, Lunarpages was finally selected to host the site.  They were carefully selected for a number of very good reasons:

About Lunarpages Web Hosting

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